Ultrasonic Aroma Nebulizer – 6 Most Common Buyer Questions


Chances are you have never even heard of a nebulizer, much less an ultrasonic nebulizer. This piece of equipment, however, can be one of the most useful items for your home health care for getting all the advantages of aromatherapy.


What is a aroma nebulizer or oil diffuser


A nebulizer or diffuser is a mister. It takes a small amount of liquid and creates a cloud of medication that can go straight into your lungs. At one time users had to use a pump at the top of a bottle to try to get a mist, and the result was some fine drops, some large drops, some of the medication getting into the lungs, some of the medication falling to the floor.

aroma diffuser

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The old Aroma Nebulizer operated on tiny air compressors.


Then motorized mechanical air compressors came along. These operated on the same principle as the machine that generates air pressure to fill up your tires. But they were almost as loud.


The best aromatherapy nebulizers today use ultrasound.


An ultrasonic aroma diffuser takes care of the inefficiencies of the old style hand-pumped and without the noise of compressor-based nebulizers. Ultrasonic nebulizers use the power of sound, over a million inaudible pulses of sound every second, to agitate liquid medications into ultra-fine droplets. The fullest amount of medication is delivered directly to your lungs, but you can continue talking or watching TV without the distracting sound of a motor.


Want to know more about ultrasonic nebulizers? Here are six frequently asked questions.


  1. How do ultrasonic nebulizers work?
  2. High-frequency sound vibrates the medication into a fog. Then a fan blows the fan out of the nebulizers.


  1. Is this different from the compression-type nebulizer I’m using now?
  2. Yes. Compression-type nebulizers are larger and bulkier and they are usually not portable. Many don’t have batteries, so you have to leave them plugged in, and when the power’s out, they won’t work. An ultrasonic nebulizer can be hand-held and it’s small enough to work off a battery. And while a compression-type nebulizer delivers a spray of medication, an ultrasound nebulizer delivers a fine mist.


  1. Why is the difference between spray and mist important?
  2. A spray contains particles of varying sizes. Some of them will be too large actually to reach lung tissue. A mist contains particles of the same, smaller size. They are easily inhaled deep into your lungs.


  1. How long will a treatment take?
  2. Treatments usually take less than 5 minutes, although different medications may take a minute or two more or less than 5 minutes. Also, treatment may take longer if you have let the battery run down and you are using the machine while it is plugged in.


  1. Do I have to replace the medication cup?
  2. No, just clean, rinse, and dry thoroughly between uses. Don’t put in the dishwasher. If the cup is damaged by heat or crushing, however, you will need to replace it.


  1. How do I clean my machine?
  2. Always follow the instructions that come with the machine. A simple wipe with a clean cloth is usually enough. Never put your nebulizer in the dishwasher.

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