The 5 Best Essential Oils for Pain Relief and Other Benefits (Science-Backed)

The Top 5 Essential Oils to Relieve Muscle Pain and Symptoms (Science-Backed)

Essential oils have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for muscle pain relief. The benefit of using essential oils is that they have fewer side effects than modern drugs that are used to treat symptoms. Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine will help alleviate pain and provide a number of other benefits.

For example, if you suffer from back pain, knee pain, foot pain, migraines, frequent illness, arthritis or constantly sore muscles, then essential oils will be one of the most effective home remedies to treat the pain.

Throughout the article we will discuss how to use essential oils for the best results, which essential oils are best for pain and other related symptoms, and various formulas you can use at home for pain relief.

The Best Way to Use Essential Oils for Instant Pain Relief

There are a variety of different ways to use essential oil. You can add a few drops of oil to a warm bath, add drops to a soaked towel, massage it into your skin, etc. However, the best way to reap the full benefits of essential oils is with an Aromatherapy Diffuser. This allows the essential oil to be atomized and dispersed into the air so that you can inhale it and gain the benefits of that essential oil. This method is the fastest and most convenient way to use essential oils, but requires that you use a high quality Diffuser that has the ability to fully atomize the essential oils.

aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils

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The best Diffuser for this purpose is the Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser by Vitactivate which also comes with a free essential oil of your choice. It has adjustable mist settings, a 7-color LED display, and most importantly it uses a high ultrasonic frequency to fully atomize the essential oils to ensure it is able to enter your respiratory system and provide its benefits. Each essential oil has its own unique benefits, which we will discuss next.

The Most Effective Essential Oils to Treat Pain

1. Lavender Oil

lavender essential oil

Suggested Uses: Relief of muscle pain, insomnia, muscle soreness, chronic pain (lower back, neck, etc.), chronic migraines.

Lavender oil is one of the most popular and most research-backed essential oil out there for muscle pain relief. It is the most effective essential oil for muscle pain relief and is a natural alternative to pain relief drugs currently on the market. Its applications include relief of muscle soreness, back pain, foot pain, neck pain, and overall muscle tension.

One study in 2015 found that Lavender oil contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which is what makes it so effective at relieving muscle pain. The researchers found that the essential oil was just as effective for pain relief as some pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories!

To best make use of the findings of these studies and to use Lavender oil for muscle pain relief or related symptoms, simply add a few drops of the essential oil into your Aromatherapy Diffuser. Inhale the therapeutic vapors from the Diffuser for around 10-15 minutes, or until your muscle pain (or headache, migraine, etc.) has gone away.

Another study found that inhaling Lavender oil provides a pain-relieving effect that mimics the effects of pain-relieving drugs that are often prescribed by physicians. The study also found that inhaling Lavender oil was very effective in relieving lower back pain, neck pain, and migraine pain. The reason Lavendar oil is so effective in relieving headaches and migraines is because it consists of sedatives that help reduce stress and anxiety.

One more benefit of Lavender oil is its ability to treat insomnia and provide you with a better sleep. The presence of sedatives in Lavender oil enable it to be a powerful tool to fight insomnia, and allows you to relax and have a good nights sleep. Simply keep your diffuser running with a few drops of Lavender oil as you get ready for bed.

2. Peppermint Oil

peppermint essential oil

Suggested Uses: Relief of arthritis, muscle spasms, and short-term relief of IBS.

Peppermint oil is a great essential oil to treat arthritis and muscle spasms due to its antispasmodic properties. It is also a natural decongestant and helps relieve painful blocked sinuses. In addition to its many other uses, peppermint oil has been proven to be effective in easing tension headaches and muscle aches and pains.

One recent study found that peppermint oil was just as effective as the pain-relief drug paracetamol when used to relieve tension headaches. The study also showed that peppermint oil had the ability to relieve regular headaches without the typical side effects you get from frequently taking pain-killers.

Another study also found peppermint oil as a safe and very effective short-term treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

To best make use of the findings of these studies and to use Peppermint oil for muscle pain relief or related symptoms, simply add a few drops of the essential oil into your Aromatherapy Diffuser. Inhale the therapeutic vapors from the Diffuser for around 10-15 minutes and your symptoms will soon be relieved.

3. Lemongrass Oil

lemongrass essential oil

Suggested Uses: Boosting skin health, reducing inflammation, relieving muscle aches and sore muscles.

Lemongrass oil is another essential oil that provides several different benefits ranging from boosting your mood, relieving muscle aches and sore muscles, reducing inflammation, and boosting skin health. It’s one of the best essential oils for sore muscles. One study actually found that lemongrass inhibits the inflammatory responses in the body by blocking the COX-2 enzyme, which is what makes it such a powerful remedy to reduce inflammation and relieve sore muscles.

4. Sweet Orange Oil

orange essential oil

Suggested Uses: Antidepressant, treating chronic fatigue, and fighting skin infections.

Sweet orange oil is an essential oil obtained from the cold-pressing of the skin of an orange. It’s typically used as an antidepressent and is frequently used for treating depression and chronic fatigue. One study from 2012 found that the sweet orange aroma, from using sweet orange oil with a diffuser, helped improve the anxiety of volunteers submitted to an anxiogenic situation. In addition, it has antiseptic properties that make it effective for treating skin infections and various other problems such as mouth sores. Also, the main molecule present in sweet orange oil is monoterpene D-limonene which has been proven to exhibit anti-cancer effects.

5. Tea Tree Oil

tea tree essential oil

Suggested Uses: Acne treatment, purifying air in your home, preventing illness.

This essential oil is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree and is extremely useful for treating a wide range of skin conditions ranging from skin sores to acne (and even dandruff!). For those that don’t response to other treatments, tea tree oil is the number one natural remedy for acne and dandruff which has been backed my many studies. In addition, diffusing tea tree oil in an Aromatherapy Diffuser will kill mold and other bad bacteria polluting your air in your home.

Place a few drops in your Aromatherapy Diffuser in order to purify surrounding air, prevent illness, and keep your skin healthy looking.

Caution/Safe Use

Essential oils are very powerful and potent herbal remedies for treating muscle pain and other symptoms. If you are allergic to some essential oils, do not use them and consider using other essential oils instead. It’s best and safest to use the listed essential oils in an Aromatherapy Diffuser to reap the full benefits in a safe manner. Consult with a doctor or certified aromatherapist before using essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, want to use the oils on children or seniors, or have an existing medical condition.